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11. Dec. 2014

Art competition Ondava sight of children

The village Nižná Polianka is the project coordinator Ondava for life. The project area covers 44 municipalities areas upper river basin Ondava. The project also includes...

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26. Oct. 2014

Information meetings in the villages of the project area

Ondava for Life project is currently in the process of preparing adaptation strategies. On that basis next year will be implemented measures in the field of project area, which...

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2. Oct. 2014

Opening conference of the project Ondava for Life

ONDAVA FOR LIFE project is a response to a negative synergistic effect of the impacts of climate change and inappropriate interventions in the country. The aim of the project...

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Ondava pre život
Obnova ekosystémových funkcií krajiny horného povodia rieky Ondavy
Obec Nižná Polianka

Mysli globálne, konaj lokálne – Think globally, act locally

„Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway“
„Co‐financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republic“
„Projekt je financovaný z grantov Islandu, Lichtenštajnska a Nórska prostredníctvom
Finančného mechanizmu EHP a zo štátneho rozpočtu Slovenskej republiky“
„Spolufinancované zo štátneho rozpočtu Slovenskej republiky“