Harsh winter, March of 2018 – the snow is finally melting

After the harsh winter of 2018, volunteers decided to check on the measures on the end of March and the beginning of April. Individual measures, depending on the type, were slowly falling in into their environment, forming natural water reservoirs from the water coming from the forest and hills, which was slowly absorbed into the land or created natural swampland for the insects and small animals. The technical and functional state of the measures was still good, with only small repairs being needed, as a result of strong frosts, strong winds and intense water surges during Autumn. You can view the photo documentation under the folder: „fotogaléria – rok 2018“.

Ondava pre život
Obnova ekosystémových funkcií krajiny horného povodia rieky Ondavy
Obec Nižná Polianka

Mysli globálne, konaj lokálne – Think globally, act locally

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