The project team decided to use their experience in working with long-term unemployed people -competence courses „Ľudské zdroje – osobnostný rozvoj“

The project team gained invaluable experience working with 150 long-term unemployed people from the cities of Bardejov and Svidník during the project. For that very reason, they choose to use this experience in preparing a competence course under the name „Ľudské zdroje – osobnostný rozvoj“ with the goal of expanding the participants communication and social skills, to show them the work market and increase their chances of finding and keeping a work position on it. The creation of said courses is done under the non profit organization Ondava pre Život, which was founded as one of the results of the project „Ondava pre život“.

The course is made up of 10 different modules, with their goal being to help the participants in expanding their ability to gain insight about themselves, their skills and options, in the form of teamwork exercises, conflict solving, gaining information from their surroundings, their village, the work environment, how to orient themselves in the work market, how to be financially educated, introducing them to the legislative in the work relation area, citizen activities, and their own personal development. Probably the most interesting part of the course, is a field trip directly into a company in their region, where the participants can potentially find work, or at least get motivated to find work, or finish their basic education and then gain more specialized education, or in some cases, to requalify themselves. The lectors are strictly experts in these fields, with at least 2. grade college education.

Competence courses „Ľudské zdroje – osobnostný rozvoj“ were to this day realised in 3 villages, for 74 long-term unemployed, all registered under the bureaus of employment of Kežmarok or Bardejov, under the program KOMPAS+. We are currently discussing possible courses in three more villages, all from the city of Vranov nad Topľou. All of these municipalities are in the list of least developed cities of Slovakia, where the unemployment rate of our target group, that is 17-29 years old, long-term unemployed with elementary education, is high.

A very good proof of our results, is that 30% of people employed under the project „Ondava pre život“ found lasting employment after the project finished. The realisation of this project is a form of continuation of the „Ondava pre život“ project, which had not only goals in the environment area, but also in the social area, which was to help this group of people from east Slovakia to get themselves out of this pit of poverty, and increase the quality of their life.

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